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300 Click for offerOf course, Google Maps can chart your travels over the four-day weekend, but it can also quickly show you your weekend flight, hotel, car rental and restaurant reservations, saving you the hassle of searching through your email for check-in times and confirmation numbers. .90

For her part, Mrs. May argues that, any potential successor would inherit the same problem: The math in Parliament will not change. The only way to alter it would be a general election, and, given voters’ current anger, few Conservatives want such a contest right now. Kuhn said he had to be evacuated and was able to use Neighbors to know what was happening around his home.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe V8-powered G550 offers ample performance, but why not go with the 577-horsepower G63. Sure, it starts at 7,500, but aren't you worth it? Starship typically uses 25 to 50 robots per campus, and they roam around seven days a week, rain or shine, from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.  Bayer said they don't displace workers' jobs, since deliveries often don't exist on campuses. He said the company hires student workers to maintain, monitor and recharge the bots.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHe left after a few years. Mr. Epstein told Securities and Exchange Commission lawyers in an insider-trading investigation that there were three reasons, according to a 2003 Vanity Fair article. He had been disciplined over lending money to a friend to buy stock, and there were irregularities with his expense account and rumors he was having an affair with a secretary. (Mr. Epstein testified that he had known nothing about any insider trading, and neither he nor anyone else at the firm was charged.) The car also sports a set of matte titanium wheels and a special carbon-fiber part that covers roof, engine cover, engine air vents, windshield surround and mirrors. There will be no mistaking this special edition for any other Aventador as it wears a "63" livery inside and out, too.

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Laura Bohn, an interior designer, converted a 1907 Beaux-Arts bank in the West Village into 11 condo units in 2000, with her husband, Richard Fiore, a developer. At the time, she recalled, “Nobody thought it was a good idea — nobody.” The Audiophiliac blog has meant so much to me, and I thank CNET for giving me that soapbox; high-end audio never before had that level of sustained exposure to the wider world. I was on a mission to "grow" new audiophiles by turning CNET readers on to not just insanely expensive high-end audio, but also far more affordable, but off-the-mainstream companies like Audeze, Schiit and Zu Audio.

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The broadcasters disagree. The Oculus Go is a pretty solid virtual-reality headset, offering lots of great VR experiences without tethering you to an expensive PC. I own one, and I like it a lot -- though see below for some additional thoughts.

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But U.S. Soccer, frustrated by a lack of progress in talks for a combined international tournament, invited South America’s 10 soccer federations to take part in a 16-team championship held in the United States. The framework of the new tournament would have been similar to the 2016 Copa América Centenario, a one-time tournament celebrating the event’s 100th anniversary that was a financial and sporting success. U.S. Soccer sweetened its offer for 2020 with nearly 0 million in guarantees to the visiting teams and their confederations. Dark Fate is a direct sequel to James Cameron's Judgement Day, ignoring everything that happened in 2015's widely panned Genisys, as well as Rise of The Machines and Salvation. The poster promises the sequel's events will take place "the day after Judgment Day," with Sarah Connor as the future leader of the Resistance in the war against Skynet, another AI humans can't seem to get along with.

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On Tuesday, Mr. Pompeo became one of the first Trump administration officials to push back officially on the House investigation, writing in a letter to Democratic chairmen that their demands for confidential interviews with diplomats with knowledge of the case was “an act of intimidation” and would not be immediately met. Check out CNET's Apple Watch Series 3 review to learn more. And if you decide to pull the trigger, make sure you know the secrets of cheap Apple Watch accessories.

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