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“I could do it all day, babe,” she said. “And often I do.” Size: 2,312 square feet

The Word of the Day and the quiz question have been provided by Vocabulary.com. Learn more and see usage examples across a range of subjects in the Vocabulary.com Dictionary. They rise for a header and OUCH! A serious clanging of heads leaves O’Hara on her back and Martens on her side. Neither is moving.

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In an interview with “Today” on NBC aired Tuesday morning, Vice President Mike Pence defended the president’s comments while suggesting that they were not based on actual conversations with his predecessors. At the time of the 2002 Supreme Court decision, 18 states had recently ended the death penalty for intellectually disabled defendants, joining a dozen that had previously done so or had abolished the death penalty entirely. To Justice Stevens, that meant the standards of decency that the court used to determine when a punishment crossed the constitutional line had evolved into the “cruel and unusual.”

I recently got a demonstration of a prototype sensor like this from a Florida-based company called Luminar, a supplier to Volvo. The company's laser scans back and forth dozens of times per second and can see 250 meters down the road. Driving in the busy streets of New York, the scanner was easily able to spot cars multiple blocks away while still providing a high-resolution render of nearby pedestrians. With a 120-degree field of view, four sensors would deliver full coverage with plenty of overlap. “And then you have a vertical guidance system,” she said, such as steel pipes driven into the ground near the building’s corners. The building’s frame is attached to these poles with sliding rings or sleeves so that the building remains positioned over its foundation, rising when a flood comes and sinking back into place as waters recede.

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Log InSo it was with Julio Urias on Monday. He gave up singles to three of his five hitters, with Anthony Rendon’s breaking a 1-1 tie. Zimmerman followed with his blast off Pedro Baez, his first home run of the postseason and just his seventh of the season. The Media Lab is another corporate consortium. Despite its name, the lab’s focus is on computing and technology rather than the news media. Its director, Joi Ito, identifies as a hacker, and his motto for the lab — “deploy or die” — means that students should not be afraid to quickly test their ideas in the marketplace. (Ito is a board member at The New York Times Company.)